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Herbert Huncke: The Times Square Hustler Who Inspired Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation, published by Schaffner Press:

“Huncke not only gave Jack Kerouac the word ‘Beat,’ but also introduced him to a truly beat world . . . and had an important impact on American literature. We owe Holladay a deep debt for tracing Huncke’s influence with care and wisdom.”—Dennis McNally, author of Desolate Angel: Jack Kerouac, the Beat Generation, and America

“Hilary Holladay does a magnificent job of documenting Huncke’s high-and-low cultural accomplishments…. An essential book!” —Douglas Brinkley


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Tipton, a novel published by Knox Robinson Publishing:

“A work of biblical resonance and personal depth, Tipton‘s exodus and promised land are found within the American home front of World War II. We are led on this journey not by bearded patriarchs, but by a band of irrepressible youths yearning to overcome their own histories and open a space for the heart.” —Kevin McFadden, author of Hardscrabble

“From the stark vistas of Oklahoma to the green fields of Virginia, from the depths of the Great Depression to the optimism of postwar America, Tipton traces the changing fortunes of its characters against the timeless landscape of the human heart.” —Jane Freimiller, author of A Year of Reading, A Month-to-Month Guide to Classics and Crowd-Pleasers for You or Your Book Group



Wild Blessings: The Poetry of Lucille Clifton, published by LSU Press:

“Holladay is especially good at placing Clifton’s work in the traditions of American and English poetry. She reads it in dialogue with Paul Lawrence Dunbar and William Carlos Williams, Gwendolyn Brooks, Adrienne Rich, and Sylvia Plath…. Holladay uncovers fresh biographical material, but her readings are as attentive to form as to content.” —Cheryl A. Wall, author of Worrying the Line: Black Women Writers, Lineage, and Literary Tradition


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